Specialized services, covering the whole field of renewable energy projects and leveraging all the synergies of a solid group at the service of customers.


Civil Works

. Work planning and execution project

. Access execution

. Pole & tower foundation execution

. Topography and development of Geographic Information Systems

Power Infrastructures

. Work planning and execution project

. MV/HV/VHV powerline execution

. Substation execution

Network Connection Infrastructures - Lines and Substations

. Work planning and execution project

. Implementation of Communication Networks

Communications Infrastructure


. Work Planning and Project Design and Implementation

. MV/HV powerline execution

. Topography and development of Geographic Information Systems


. Planning and Project Design and Implementation

. Substation execution

Electrical and Mechanical assembly of Wind Turbines

. Port Operations

. Complete handling

. Preparation and handling of lifting accessories (own and/or special)

. Wind turbine internal component assembly

. Internal wiring and cable assembly

. Comissioning

Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance

Integrated operation and maintenance of wind farms for developers wishing a systemic approach in conducting the operation of the plant's energy production service.

Major corrections

Intervention in major corrective operations ensuring all logistics and specialized activities inherent to these interventions:

                . CranesAssembly Teams, Commissioning Teams, Port Operations, Special Transport.

Specialized Services

Given the characteristics of the multidisciplinary CME team we provide specialized services in corrective, predictive and scheduled maintenance operations. We have the ability to incorporate device specific services through special training, allowing us to perform in an integrated manner.

Electrical Infrastructure Maintenance

Given the coverage of operational centers we have support teams that enable Wind Farm first interventions in infrastructure and operation.

Logistics Management

Logistics management provided by Technical Assistance Logistics, Reverse Logistics, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Transportation Coordination, etc., always in a perspective of total availability and proximity to our customers.

CME has its own warehouses distributed by Operational Centres, which maximizes our ability to act by optimizing response times and ensuring high levels of operational availability.