Social Responsibility 





We want to contribute to a more balanced and cohesive society, based on principles of sustainability. The first responsibility we assume in this field is to our employees:

. Ensuring the respect for their rights,
. Clearly defining their responsibilities, in particular the respect for company values and the compliance with the Code of Ethics.

The certification by the SA 8000 - Social Responsibility - certifies the company's compliance to national and international laws and regulations in the field of Human Rights and Labour Rights.

ProCME's Code of Ethics, consisting of the values and commitments of the Group's system, defines a set of guiding criteria to ensure Group companies' ethical behavior and attitude. It has, therefore, to be known and observed by all employees of CME


CME supports the ProCME Group Policy and materializing the principle of Continuous Improvement expressed in it, we periodically evaluate our own performance in terms of Ethics and Social Responsibility.