About Us 


We are a multidisciplinary team, highly qualified and ready to design and develop innovative projects integrated in all areas in which we are present, corresponding to high levels of demand from our customers.

Established in 1983, CME initiated with full success its activity in the areas of electricity, telecommunications and industrial maintenance.

In 1989, already with an established presence in the National Market, the company began a period of great growth, underpinned by a strategy of innovation and development, which allowed its participation in some of the most emblematic projects carried out in Portugal.

The creation and implementation of supported technical and organizational skills and the ability to design innovative products and services, recognized by the market, granted CME the status of a global engineering and high-quality services provider company.

Obviously, CME reached a leading position in the domestic market and a significant presence outside of Portugal, which allow it to foresee a very significant growth in the future.

In the strategy set for 2020, the Company has defined as priorities innovation and acquisition of new technological areas in order to launch its leading position in the international market.