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Formação e Desenvolvimento


Aware that well-prepared, motivated and knowledgeable of their role employees provide a service of excellence and differentiate us from our competition, we provide our employees with the professional and personal development appropriate to meet their needs, seeking their improvement and perfect fitting within the organization, as well as the satisfaction of the company goals.

Thus, the Training and Skills Development area takes particular relevance in the realization of this ambition, preparing, deploying, enhancing and boosting our employees’ confidence, always focused on the following STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES FOR TRAINING:

. Leverage Human Capital, aligning all employees with the strategic objectives and culture of the Group, developing the skills and factors of attraction and retention in the medium and long term;

. Foster the development of an entrepreneurial culture that sustainably values Companies, employees, and most of the stakeholders;

. Develop performance and motivate employees to reach their fullest potential.

Certified by DGERT since 2009, we ensure that all procedures and practices followed by CME are consistent with a benchmark QUALITY Training.

We are also a Training Body recognized by EDP, ANACOM and PT Comunicações, providing training actions that lead to the certification of technical skills in the areas of Electricity (LV, MV and HV/VHV) and ITED/ITUR and ORAC, respectively.



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