The industry and maintenance activity has known, in the last years, a significant growth. CME provides the following services to its clients:

. Gathering and execution of active security facilities
. Instrumentation
. Assembly of electromechanic equipment
. Design and execution of electric installations
. Maintenance of installations and systems
. Design and execution of communication installations

Industrial Maintenance

 Business market (B2B)

. Facilities maintenance – Operation, realization, organization and execution of full maintenance services related to installations and equipment;
. Facilities management – Management services and complete provision of technical services for installations, equipment, systems and infrastructures;
. Remodeling;
. Management, coordination and organization of outsourcing maintenance services;
. Management and execution of systematic, scheduled or conditioned preventive maintenance contracts – corrective or curative
. Permanent prevention service for ensuring corrective/curative maintenance 24h/day, 365 days/year
. Technical execution of installations
. Technical support, audits and consultancy
. Repair of equipment
. Rehabilitation works for installations and equipment included within the scope of the general maintenance policies